[U-Boot-Users] I will be crazy, Please HELP

Zhao Hongda zhaohd at vis.cs.tsinghua.edu.cn
Wed Apr 9 20:10:48 CEST 2003

> I think the problem may be the same as the problem I had previously.
> You need to locate the bd_info structure in
> Make sure that this is compatible with your Linux kernel bd_info structure
> which will be in a file like <kernel root>/include/asm/<bord header

    I cannot grep bd_info in any file in asm directory which link to asm-arm
    I use the linux-2.4.19.tar.gz and patch the
    I can build a zImage and then convert it to uImage that can boot by
    what should I check?

> This is the most likely cause of the reset/hang after displaying
> "Uncompressing Kernel Image ..."
> The other possibility is that the memory configuration is incorrect.
> you should examine
> u-boot/include/configs/<your-board>.h and make sure the information in
> looks correct for your board.

    I think it is right,
    But the CFG_LOAD_ADDR is 0xa8000000,should I change my uImage's load

> It took me 7 days to get u-boot working correctly on my PPC board so
> don't quit up after two days.

    thanks for your encourage, I will hold on until I am really crazy. ^-^

> Hope this helps.
> Jeremy
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> From: Zhao Hongda [mailto:zhaohd at vis.cs.tsinghua.edu.cn]
> Sent: Thursday, 10 April 2003 5:36
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> Subject: [U-Boot-Users] I will be crazy, Please HELP
> after two days, I still cannot boot a kernel from u-boot,
> 1.first I build my linux kernel by:
>     make lubbock
>     make oldconfig
>     make dep
>     make zImage
> 2.then I follow the README file to product uImage,
>     arm-linux-objcopy -O binary -R .note -R .comment -S vmlinux linux.bin
>     gzip -9 linux.bin
>     mkimage -A arm -O linux -T kernel -C gzip -a 0xa0008000 -e
0xa0008000 -n
> "Linux Kernel Image" -d linux.bin.gz uImage
> 3.then I use u-boot to load it:
>     =>loadb 0xa0008000
>     =>bootm 0xa0008000
>     ## Booting image at a0008000 ...
>     Image Name:   Linux Kernel Image
>     Image Type:   ARM Linux Kernel Image (gzip compressed)
>     Data Size:    791662 Bytes = 773.1 kB
>     Load Address: a0008000
>     Entry Point:  a0008000
>     Verifying Checksum ... OK
>     Uncompressing Kernel Image ...
>     U-Boot 0.2.3 (Apr  8 2003 - 19:02:38)
>     <then U-boot is self-restart seval times>
> who can give me a detail sample to product a usable uImage file, and howto
> load/run it.
> Thanks very much, I am almost crazy now.
>                                         Hongda Zhao
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