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Roel Loeffen RL at prodrive.nl
Wed Apr 9 16:09:31 CEST 2003

Ok thank you, if found it in the README....

My confusion came from the following line in the Makefile:

->  	rm -f u-boot u-boot.bin u-boot.elf u-boot.srec u-boot.map System.map

u-boot.elf <- this element did me expect a .ELF file as output of the

After reading the readme I'd found out the ELF File is 'u-boot'.

Thx Roel

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> Simple question:
> How to generate a .ELF file as output from the ELDK U-Boot build??

Simple answer: type "make"

Hint: there is a README file, and sometimes it helps to RTFM.

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