[U-Boot-Users] 405Gpr timer interrup

Jerry Walden jwalden at digitalatlantic.com
Wed Apr 9 19:02:05 CEST 2003

my enet port status shows - "100 MBit/sec, full duplex"
so I think that is a-okay -

Still can't figure out why I'm not getting a timer interrupt

Jerry Walden

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> I have a new problem that I am trying to solve - up until
> now I have not noticed that the timer interrupt has not
> been working with my 405GPr and u-boot.  I just discovered
> this problem because we recently connected a phy to the 405,
> and I am now trying to perform a "tftpboot" - I see a message
> that one ARP packet goes out, and then the board just sits there
> with no further output - I expected at least a timeout message, and
> there is indeed a timeout in the code that is supposed to occur if
> a proper response to the ARP is not recieved within some period of
> time.

We had a very similar problem with our Ebony system with a single ARP
request going out and
nothing happening after that (but we didn't concentrate on timer issues). It
out our problem was with our ethernet drop from the "wiring closet". U-boot
something to the effect of "10 MBit/sec, half duplex" for the status of the
enet port.
When we change things to "100 MBit/sec, full duplex", everything worked OK.
What does your enet port status show?

Erik Teose
erik.teose at tek.com

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