[U-Boot-Users] Re: Interrupt management under PPC4xx platform

llandre r&d at wawnet.biz
Mon Apr 14 14:33:54 CEST 2003

Just after posting the message "Interrupt management under PPC4xx 
platform", I noticed the thread "405Gpr timer interrupt" describing the 
same problem I encountered with the Ethernet interface (I work with the 
405EP eval. board). I think it is due to the incorrect interrupt 
management, too. For this reason, and since this is my first experience 
with U-Boot, I posted the message "Interrupt management under PPC4xx 
I got a more stable situation by intializing the EVPR register like this:
#if 1
         /* OpenBIOS' way */
         addis   r4,r0,CFG_MONITOR_BASE at h      /*! set exception vector 
prefix */
         mtevpr  r4                     /*!  to high ROM address */
         /* U-Boot's way */
         mtevpr  r4

but unfortunately I still have the problem with the Ethernet interface.
Did you figure out what is wrong?


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