[U-Boot-Users] IVT on 405GP

Jerry Walden jwalden at digitalatlantic.com
Wed Apr 16 17:50:36 CEST 2003

Thanks Stefan:

	Just reading some uboot install stuff and it appear to say what I am
doing is ok but it does not seem to do everything. It say that it copies
itself to upper memory then it should copy 8k of vector stuff to zero. So
it looks like somehow I am missing the vector copy code, or it is not

Again it appears as though "trap init" initializes some vectors in the IVT,
however it does not copy the code prologue and exception code.
Can you see in the code where the contents of the first 8k of memory
is copied?

Jerry Walden

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Hi Jerry!

Please find attached a binary file with a memory dump (address
0x0000--0x3fff) of our CPCI-405 board (PPC405GP based). I initialized the
memory with 0xaa and then started U-Boot. You can see, which memory
locations are written (with exception vector code) from U-Boot.

Hope this helps...

Best regards,

> If someone out there has a 405GP running with
> u-boot, I'd really appreciated a snapshot of the
> interrupt vector table.  It appears that though
> the vector and and the int return vector are
> getting copied, however if prior to running u-boot
> I zero out all memory in the IVT, I see that not
> Prologue code etc is getting coping into those ares.
> If I look at "trap_init" it appears as though it
> does not copy code, and only sets vectors.
> If I look at "relocate_code" it appears as though
> it only starts to copy code from the top of the boot
> rom to the end.  I do not see where the interrupt vectors
> are stored in the bootrom - although they must - so
> I must be missing a simple calculation someplace -
> Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
> Jerry Walden
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