[U-Boot-Users] Building u-boot

Eliasson, Anders (IndSys, GEFanuc, VMIC) Anders.Eliasson at gefanuc.com
Mon Apr 28 17:27:00 CEST 2003


I finally got my Linux system complete with cross-compiler set up last week
and took a shot at building u-boot this morning.  Things went along nicely

astest.c - in main - 'true' undeclared

Ok, so I search the mailing list and find that a previous question about
astest.c exists, that astest.c is not considered all that important ( by the
responder ), and that the question doesn't address what I see.

Once again, I suspect my set up.  Maybe something in my GDB area?  Any help
will be appreciated, as always.



anders.eliasson at gefanuc.com

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