[U-Boot-Users] ECC DIMM's with walnut board

Kenneth Johansson kenneth.johansson at etx.ericsson.se
Mon Apr 28 19:18:13 CEST 2003

On Mon, 2003-04-28 at 16:07, Thomas Schäfer wrote:
> Hi all,

> following. The changed code works for me with several DIMM types (32MB
> without ECC, 256 MB with ECC and without ECC), but I'm not an expert with
> all types of SDRAM and so I'm not sure if I fully understood the code in
> that place. Any ideas, comments?
> Best regards
> Thomas Schäfer

This clearly changes nothing for non ECC dimms and you are the first I
heard of using ecc so you are probably right :)  

Do a proper patch and send it over to Wolfgang. You could take out a few
more parentheses 

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