[U-Boot-Users] how to detect the expanded flashRAM SIMM on ZPC1900 board ?

Xiong Jiang jxiong at offtopic.org
Mon Aug 4 04:51:18 CEST 2003

Hi, there,

I am playing with a PPC8265 based ZPC1900 board (from zpci.com).
There is an expanded 8M FlashRAM SIMM on it. However flinfo in 
U-Boot 0.3 only shows the Bank # 1 AMD AM29F016D 2M flash memory.
Bank # 2 is "missing or unknown FLASH type.

However that expanded flash RAM is bootable if I switch the boot
selection jumper J14 on the board.

The ZPC1900 manual
shows that 8MB SIMM Flash is addressable at
0xE0000000. However a 'md.b e0000000 16' command in U-boot
cause bus error and reboot.

Does anybody know how to access the 8MB SIMM flash ?
Actually what I need to do is to copy the on-board boot flash
into that 8M SIMM flash as a backup.

Any advice is appreciated.


Xiong Jiang

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