[U-Boot-Users] Preparing a KEV7a400 patch

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Thu Aug 7 00:22:19 CEST 2003

Dear Marc,

in message <20030806191635.GA2601 at buici.com> you wrote:
> I've successfully ported u-boot to the Sharp KEV7A400 board.  It can
> program flash, boot from the network, and it runs from flash.
> Before I submit a patch, I believe there are a couple of outstanding
> issues that you,  Wolfgang, want resolved.
>  1) Dependency on Perl
>     Are you OK with an initial patch that checks for the presence of a
>     Perl interpreter?  Since this is the only board using the
>     mkocnfigx script, such a method will be backward compatible.  I
>     agree that a shell script of the Perl script must be written.

Can you please split your patch in two separate parts: one  with  the
support for the new Sharp KEV7A400 board, and another one to use your
Perl script?

Did you address the issues I raised with this script  last  time  you
showed it to me?

>  2) #undef arm
>     It looks like the arm macro may be defined by the compiler.  The
>     GCC info pages suggest that this macro may be defined unless
>     -ansi is passed to the compiler.
>     There are a few of ways to resolve this problem.  I could
>     change the structure that is broken by the #define.  I could leave
>     the #undef intact.  I could find a way to remove the #define by
>     passing an switch to the compiler.  My preference, of course, is
>     to leave the #undef intact.

I will (again) reject a patch which includes such  a  #undef;  please
fix the reason for the problem, not the symptoms.

>  3) Trailing whitespace
>     You found some lines in a previous patch to have trailing
>     whitespace.  What do you use to detect this?

For example vi -- :g/[\t ][\t ]*$/p

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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