[U-Boot-Users] timer_interrupt

Krishnaprasad, Raghunandan Raghu.Krishnaprasad at fci.com
Mon Aug 11 09:54:38 CEST 2003

> Hello All, 
> I think this is already discussed on the list but I could not find the
> right answer. I have ported "u-boot" to a MPC852T based card and I am
> trying to load linux on to it. I have a 2.4.21 - pre7 kernel. I am using a
> BDI 2000 debugger. 
> It is correctly transfering controller to __start: in "head_8xx.S" and
> also doing the "initial_mmu" routine. But it kind of gets after,
> "turn_on_mmu" routines "rfi". And on halting the execution, it always gets
> into code in "timer_interrupt" routine looks like looping around. It
> dosesnt enter "early_init" etc at all.
> How do I get around this problem ??
> Warm Regards,
> Raghu

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