[U-Boot-Users] u-boot in debug mode

Eli Brin elib at rokonet.co.il
Tue Aug 12 14:50:57 CEST 2003


I would like to debug u-boot (0.4.2), on TQM860L, with the BDI2000.

Reading the DULG 12.1.2:

For parts of U-Boot that run from RAM, i. e. after relocation, use
"powerpc-linux-gdb" without arguments, and use the add-symbol-file command
in GDB to load the symbol table at the relocation address in RAM. The only
problem is that you need to know that address, which depends on RAM size,
length reserved for U-Boot, size of "protected RAM" area, etc. If in doubt,
enable DEBUG mode when building U-Boot so it prints the address to the

 Hint: I use definitions like these in my .gdbinit file: 

define rom
        file u-boot

define ram
        add-symbol-file u-boot  0x01fe0000

My problem is that the system doesn't stop at breakpoints.

For example: I have put a breakpoint on do_run and do_printenv functions,
but the ppc_8xx-gdb won't stop when I execute the commands on the target.
I suspect that the 0x1fe0000 is wrong for me.  If I break the program with
ctrl^C, and add a breakpoint at the current position (Breakpoint 3 at
0xfdf3f8), then is stops each time I do continue.

Adding - #define DEBUG to TQM860L.h, gives me errors on flash.c

1.  So, how can I get the correct relocation address?
2.  Trying to stop at _start (in start.S) before relocation, also doest not

The BDI2000 config file is taken from Denx web site.

Thank you,
Eli Brin

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