[U-Boot-Users] Anonymous CVS

Timothy Meese timm at mbari.org
Thu Aug 21 14:47:27 CEST 2003


I'm a relative newcomer to u-boot, but it's nice to see a multiplatform
boot firmware solution. I have a couple of questions to start with:

I've tried fetching the source from anonymous CVS on sf.net and I always
get to the point where it's fetching u-boot/tools/updater/utils.c, and
the checkout hangs. Has anyone else experienced this issue? 

I'm interested in using u-boot for an Alchemy Au1100-based board. As I
understand it, the Au1100 is based on an enhanced MIPS 3k core. Aside
from toolchain issues, has anyone ported u-boot to a 3k core? I
understand the major difference between the 4k and 3k is the pipeline
depth, which would seem to be a tools issue. 



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