[U-Boot-Users] mpc8xx hardware i2c

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Wed Aug 27 14:26:45 CEST 2003

In message <3F4ADD81.2040302 at tait.co.nz> you wrote:
> Does anyone have stable working hardware (CPM driven) i2c for the mpc8xx 
> please? I'm OK with the bit-banging config but I'd like to see the 
> hardware version work:-)

The answer to your question is: yes, there is stable working hardware
using the CPM I2C controller.

Ummm... please try to assume that ALL features in U-Boot are  working
initially.  Please  ask on the list only when you have serious reason
to doubt that anything is broken.  There  are  so  many  features  in
U-Boot  that  it would take a lot of time to continue confirming that
they are indeed working on some board or another.

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