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Seb James seb at peak.uklinux.net
Wed Aug 27 15:09:54 CEST 2003

Hello Wolfgang,

On Wed, 2003-08-27 at 13:39, Wolfgang Denk wrote:
> Dear Seb,
> in message <1061985583.3350.42.camel at xerxes.hypercube> you wrote:
> > 
> > I've put a re-compiled u-boot on a tqm823 module. This wiped over the
> > serial number and ethernet MAC address on the module. Re-setting the
> > ethaddr is no problem as it is printed on the back of the module.
> And so is (most of) the board type code,  serial  number,  number  of
> assigned MAC addresses.
> > I imagine I can do likewise for the serial number.
> Not exactly. Some parts (like internal revision code) are NOT printed
> on the module.

And these are found in flash, start address 0x1ffc0, I think.

I followed the instructions from the ppcboot howto on the denx website:

To install a new PPCBoot image on your TQM8xxL board using a BDI2000,
proceed as follows:

BDI>- TARGET: processing user reset request
BDI>- TARGET: reseting target passed
BDI>- TARGET: processing target init list ....
BDI>- TARGET: processing target init list passed
BDI>md 0x1FFC0
0001ffc0 : 54514d38 36304c44 44424133 2d503530  TQM860LDDBA3-P50
0001ffd0 : 2e323033 20313032 32363132 32203030  .203 10226122 00
0001ffe0 : 44303933 30303238 38312034 00000000  D093002881 4....
0001fff0 : 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000  ................
00020000 : ffffffff ffffffff ffffffff ffffffff  ................
BDI>rm der 0x2006000f
BDI>erase 00000000
Erasing flash at 0x00000000
Erasing flash passed
BDI>erase 0x008000
Erasing flash at 0x00008000
Erasing flash passed
BDI>erase 0x00c000
Erasing flash at 0x0000c000
Erasing flash passed
BDI>erase 0x010000
Erasing flash at 0x00010000
Erasing flash passed
BDI>erase 0x020000
Erasing flash at 0x00020000
Erasing flash passed
BDI>prog 0 ppcboot.bin bin
Programming ppcboot.bin , please wait ....
Programming flash passed
BDI>rm der 0x2002000f

However, the rm der 0x200xxxxx lines produced an error.

What do the rm der 0x2002000f and rm der 0x2006000f lines do? 

rm modifies a general purpose/user defined register, but there is no
register with the name DER or der in the tqm8xxL.cnf file; though if you
look the init section of  tqm8xxL.cnf:

; init core register
WREG    MSR             0x00001002      ;MSR  : ME,RI
WSPR    27              0x00001002      ;SRR1 : ME,RI
WSPR    149             0x2002000F      ;DER  : set debug enable
;;WSPR  149             0x2006000F      ;DER  : enable SYSIE for BDI
flash progr.

DER seems to be the debug enable register. Seems like the plan is to set
some sort of system interrupt enable before erasing the flash with
u-(ppc)boot on, after when the system is put back into debug enable.
However, it doesn't work on my BDI.

> > I would like to set u-boot/include/configs/TQM823L_myversion.h such that
> > the Hardware ID gets set correctly. Can anyone tell me how?
> Send me a message containing the MAC address (or  serial  number,  or
> just the date when you bought the module) and I can look it up in our
> database.

Two modules, Mac addresses:


Thanks Wolfgang.


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