[U-Boot-Users] Dynamic SDRAM Config on MPC8245

Ken Chou kchou at istor.com
Thu Feb 6 23:07:51 CET 2003

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> > Has anyone looked at this on 8245 or like processors/SDRAM
> > controllers?  We'd like to hear comments/opinions.
> We havn't done this for the MPC8245, however we did this for the
> MPC8260.  Perhaps you can use this code or ideas on the MPC8245.  This
> can be found in the U-Boot tree as boards/sacsng/sacsng.c.  Look for
> the initdram() routine.

I looked at boards/sacsng/sacsng.c and wondering how can i2c_read() be

After looking at lib_ppc/board.c, I realized the U-Boot has the
init_fnc_t *init_sequence[] array.

The i2c is initialized before the dram in the U-Boot.

#if defined(CONFIG_HARD_I2C) || defined(CONFIG_SOFT_I2C)
#if defined(CONFIG_DTT)		/* Digital Thermometers and Thermostats
We might need to move to U-Boot instead of using PPCBOOT.


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