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Jerry Walden jwalden at digitalatlantic.com
Mon Feb 10 21:54:07 CET 2003

To add more detail to my previous question - The Walnut config has
CFG_INIT_DCACHE_INIT_CS = 4, however if we look at the schematic for the
Walnut board we do not see anything hooked up to the peripheral bus on
chip select 4, so what am I missing?

Can someone explain what the difference is between DCACHE and OCM for the

Since our board certainly does not have any memory on CS=4, then do I have
to go through and set up the stack in OCM?

If I have to set up the stack in OCM, is see in start.S that the following
of code are executed:
What should CFG_OCM_DATA_ADDR be, and to what does it refer?

What should CFG_INIT_RAM_ADDR be based on the above answer?

#if defined(CFG_OCM_DATA_ADDR) && defined(CFG_OCM_DATA_SIZE)
	 * Setup OCM - On Chip Memory
	/* Setup OCM */
 	lis	r0, 0x7FFF
 	ori	r0, r0, 0xFFFF
 	mfdcr	r3, ocmiscntl 		/* get instr-side IRAM config */
 	mfdcr	r4, ocmdscntl	/* get data-side IRAM config */
 	and	r3, r3, r0	/* disable data-side IRAM */
 	and	r4, r4, r0	/* disable data-side IRAM */
 	mtdcr	ocmiscntl, r3	/* set instr-side IRAM config */
 	mtdcr	ocmdscntl, r4	/* set data-side IRAM config */

	addis	r3, 0, CFG_OCM_DATA_ADDR at h /* OCM location */
	mtdcr	ocmdsarc, r3
	addis	r4, 0, 0xC000		/* OCM data area enabled */
	mtdcr	ocmdscntl, r4
	 * Stack in OCM.

	/* Set up Stack at top of OCM */

	/* Set up a zeroized stack frame so that backtrace works right */
	li	r0, 0
	stwu	r0, -4(r1)
	stwu	r0, -4(r1)

	 * Set up a dummy frame to store reset vector as return address.
	 * this causes stack underflow to reset board.
	stwu	r1, -8(r1)		/* Save back chain and move SP */
	lis	r0, RESET_VECTOR at h	/* Address of reset vector */
	ori	r0, r0, RESET_VECTOR at l
	stwu	r1, -8(r1)		/* Save back chain and move SP */
	stw	r0, +12(r1)		/* Save return addr (underflow vect) */

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Greetings -

I have a custom PPC405GPr board, and I am trying to bring u-boot up on it.

	/* Setup temporary stack in DCACHE or OCM if needed for SDRAM SPD. */
	/* Memory Bank x (nothingness) initialization 1GB+64MEG */
	/* used as temporary stack pointer for stage0  */
	li	r4,PBxAP
	mtdcr	ebccfga,r4
	lis	r4,0x0380
	ori	r4,r4,0x0480
	mtdcr	ebccfgd,r4

The Walnut config has CFG_INIT_DCACHE_INIT_CS = 4

In our custom board do not have anything attached to bank 4 -

Does DCACHE for the processors cache or programmers private use?
How can I (or how should I) re-write/add/subtract the above code to
what it is trying to do (which is not clear to me).


Jerry Walden

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