[U-Boot-Users] uboot newbie - tqm823 and memory conf question

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Sun Feb 16 18:59:43 CET 2003

In message <3E4D97E5.4030708 at aehr.com> you wrote:
> I have TQM823L-50 modules, which have a 26bit address / 32 bit I/O 
> external bus and I want to hook up external programmable logic, which 
> If I understand the MPC823 book correctly there already a "canned" 
> memory engine available to "talk" to an SRAM.
> - To which CS is that hooked up to?

That's completely your own choice.

Well, not completely. The TQM8xxL modules use:

	CS0 / CS1 for the 2 flash banks
	CS2       for SDRAM
	CS3       for the CAN controllers (if fit)

So depending if you have CAN on your modules or  not  you  can  chose
form CS4...CS7 or from CS3...CS7.

> - What needs to be done to the boot-loader - ppcboot|u-boot?

Strictly speaking, nothing. You can set up the memroy controller  for
this  CS  whenever  you  need  it,  i.  e.  for  example in the Linux
deriver's init routine. However, if you want  to  access  the  memory
under  U-Boot,  you  should  at least add appropriate definitions for
CFG_BR?_PRELIM and CFG_OR?_PRELIM to your board's config file.

> I would really appreciate some help there, since I am just supposed to 
> setup the board for our HW guys.

Good luck.

Best regards,

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