[U-Boot-Users] Simple bootloader in the kernel and PPCBoot

Petter Larsen pla at morecom.no
Tue Feb 25 16:25:45 CET 2003


> in message <1046168602.1108.11.camel at pla> you wrote:
> > 
> > It is one thing that I am not sure of. Do I need to link in the 
> > arch/ppc/boot/simple files in the kernel when I am using PPCBoot?
> No.
Fine. Then I know one more thing.

> > If I do a "make pImage", it is not included, but I can not boot this
> > image. 
> Then you are missing something in your port. Please explain what "can
> not boot" means? Did you debug the start-up sequence?

I will debug it, but have not done it. I have an BDM degugger under
windows. I am thinking of purchase one of the debuggers on your site.
What does this cost, and does it include the GDB patched and ready for

> > If I do a "make zImage", a zImage.embedded is created with the 
> > arch/ppc/boot/simple bootloader files linked in. This image can I boot
> > if I set the entry point to 10000 when i attach the header with the
> > mkimage command.
> You probably can also  start  this  using  a  simple  "go",  and  you
> probably cannot pass args to it, right?

That's right. If I load it into RAM on location 100000 and say "go
110000" it boots...
But it does only work if I say "go" from RAM, not from flash. But if I
encapsulate the image with an header with "mkimage" I can boot it from
flash using the "bootm <addr>" command.

Best regards
Petter Larsen

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