[U-Boot-Users] Simple bootloader in the kernel and PPCBoot

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Tue Feb 25 21:55:47 CET 2003


in message <1046203198.1168.21.camel at pla> you wrote:
> I think that I shall buy one of these. If a am going to debug the Linux
> kernel and modules on a 8xx processor, is it good enough with the
> BDM4GDB? What is the difference on these two?

Well, it depends. A  lot  of  work  can  be  done  with  the  BDM4GDB
adapters,  as  long as you restrict yourself to MPC8xx based systems.
But even then there wil be situations where you  will  be  remembered
that it's a Do-It-Yourself solution, not a professional grade device.

The BDM4GDB is OK for the fatal case when you  erased  the  flash  by
accident,  or  for  occasional  debugging a problem. For professional
work I prefer to use a BDI2000 though. It's  faster,  it  works  more
reliably,  and  most  of  all it supports a lot of other CPUs as well
(CPU32/32+, MPC5xx/8xx, 6xx/7xx/74xx/82xx, 4xx, ARM7/9TDMI, ColdFire,
MIPS32, MIPS64, XScale, M-Core ...

> With the BDM4GDB, can I use frontends for the gdb sw, like ddd or the
> debugger embedded inside the kdevelop ide?

I never used kdevelop and thus I don't know about it, but you can use
_any_ debugger frontend that communicates with GDB.  DDD  works  just
fine - with the BDM4GDB adapter, and with the BDI2000.

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