[U-Boot-Users] Simple bootloader in the kernel and PPCBoot

Petter Larsen pla at morecom.no
Tue Feb 25 20:59:59 CET 2003


> The BDM4GDB parallel port  adapter  is  49.95  Euro,  which  includes
> cables (BDM, parallel port) and software on CDROM.
> The list  price  for  the  bundle  BDI2000  plus  interface  software
> "bdiGDB" for GDB debugger is 2430 Euro.

I think that I shall buy one of these. If a am going to debug the Linux
kernel and modules on a 8xx processor, is it good enough with the
BDM4GDB? What is the difference on these two?
With the BDM4GDB, can I use frontends for the gdb sw, like ddd or the
debugger embedded inside the kdevelop ide?

> > That's right. If I load it into RAM on location 100000 and say "go
> > 110000" it boots...
> > But it does only work if I say "go" from RAM, not from flash. But if I
> This means that the "simple" bootstrap loader is not even capable  of
> doing this right :-(
> > encapsulate the image with an header with "mkimage" I can boot it from
> > flash using the "bootm <addr>" command.
> Because then bootm will copy the code to the load address first.  But
> the  "simple" bootstrap loader is really overkill then: everything it
> does is already included with U-Boot, just better.

You said earlier that i must have missed something in my port. Did you
mean the port of PPCBoot or the Linux kernel?

After PPCBoot sends the control over to Linux, which file in the source
tree is first executed? Is it the assembler file
Best regards
Petter Larsen

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