[U-Boot-Users] arm 920 / integrator interrupts / flash / misc

Paul McAvoy paulmcav at queda.net
Thu Feb 27 23:08:14 CET 2003

Hi,  I am in the process of getting my integrator/AP board working with
u-boot.  It's working as far as the following fetures go:

 * flinfo
 * protect
 * mtest
 * md, mw, nm

I was trying to see if I could write the environment to flash, and have it
properly configured as to the type of flash, and the correct sector sizes.
However, the system seems to lock up completly when writing. the debug output
is below:

 Integrator # saveenv
 Saving Environment to Flash...
 Protect off 24040000 ... 2405FFFF
 Un-Protected 1 sectors
 Erasing Flash...Erasing sector  5/ 5 ...

It gets as far as the statment (int board/integrator/flash.c:flash_erase()


Does the above issue also correspond to my inablity to send files via kermit /
srec over the serial line?  When I try and send a file, the system just hangs.
I have not yet looked into this issue yet, but comments would be appreciated.

Another issue is that I am wondering if my interrupt timer /counter is working
correctly.  How might I check this out to see how long exactly the counter
runs for to get the correct count / Hz?


- Paul

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