[U-Boot-Users] arm 920 / integrator interrupts / flash / misc

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Thu Feb 27 23:25:39 CET 2003

In message <20030227140814.A18240 at europa.queda.net> you wrote:
> Does the above issue also correspond to my inablity to send files via kermit /
> srec over the serial line?  When I try and send a file, the system just hangs.

Do _you_ see any relation? if not, how should we?

> I have not yet looked into this issue yet, but comments would be appreciated.

Argh... Do not skip problems. Always solve them step by step. Do  not
continue  when  you  have  a  system  with  a  problem that you don't
understand. Usually you will just waste even more time.

> Another issue is that I am wondering if my interrupt timer /counter is working
> correctly.  How might I check this out to see how long exactly the counter
> runs for to get the correct count / Hz?

How long does a "sleep 10" take? If it's significantly less  or  more
than 10 seconds you might have a certain problem.

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