[U-Boot-Users] relocate_code

YanMin Qiao sepherosa at sohu.com
Fri Jan 3 17:22:21 CET 2003


    .globl    relocate_code
    mr    r1,  r3        /* Set new stack pointer        */
    mr    r9,  r4        /* Save copy of Global Data pointer    */
    mr    r10, r5        /* Save copy of Destination Address    */
    cmplw    cr1,r3,r4
    addi    r0,r5,3
    srwi.    r0,r0,2
    beq    cr1,4f        /* In place copy is not necessary    */
    beq    7f        /* Protect against 0 count        */
    mtctr    r0
    bge    cr1,2f
    ^^^^^^^^^^ why we need to differeciate the two situation, 
                         and addr<=CFG_MONITOR_BASE

    la    r8,-4(r4)
    la    r7,-4(r3)
1:    lwzu    r0,4(r8)
    stwu    r0,4(r7)
    bdnz    1b
    b    4f

2:    slwi    r0,r0,2        <<----------------- i think above code will 
be enough for the two        
    add    r8,r4,r0                                      situation
    add    r7,r3,r0
3:    lwzu    r0,-4(r8)
    stwu    r0,-4(r7)
    bdnz    3b

best regards

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