[U-Boot-Users] directly execute linux zImage: cmd_bootz

"David Müller (ELSOFT AG)" d.mueller at elsoft.ch
Thu Jan 23 08:58:18 CET 2003


Holger Schurig wrote:
> Hi !
> Attached is a patch for armboot that directly calls a Linux zImage. It has 
> been tested on my PXA250 platform.
> Prerequisites:
> - works only on arm, because it takes stuff from asm_arm/armlinux.c
> - set CONFIG_KERNEL_RAM_BASE to where the zImage is in Flash
> Problems:
> - I have no clue if the tag list get's correctly set up, I'm using a kernel 
> 2.4 which doesn't use the tags anyway.

AFAICS 2.4 uses the tag list if there is one prepared by the bootloader.

> - how can I pass the cmdline?

By using the "ATAG_CMDLINE" in the tag list. Make sure you have defined 
"CONFIG_CMDLINE_TAG" in your u-boot config file.

> - Kernel 2.4. clobbers r2, the pointer to the tag list. In your fixup code you 
> can have 
>         MACHINE_START(...)
>         BOOT_PARAMS(0xa0000100)
>         ...
>         MACHINE_END
> but how put I *params to some fixed address?



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