[U-Boot-Users] Download of kernel Image through Serial Line.

Marius Groeger mag at sysgo.de
Wed Jan 29 10:52:00 CET 2003

On Wed, 29 Jan 2003 Christophe.LINDHEIMER at fr.thalesgroup.com wrote:

> - Is it possible to configure U-Boot to make a download of the image using
> the serial line ? ( tftp over serial line or something like that )

Yes, you can download the images using kermit, for instance.

> - If I eventually manage to launch Linux, is it possible to have NFS over
> serial line ?

Well, not as a root file system. You can boot into a small RAM disk
and set up a ppp link, though.

> - What are the minima requests in terms of memory to run Linux ?
> - Minimum Ram Size
> - Minimum Flash Size if I don't use NFS ( full embeded application )

That depends on your hardware and software. Define "full embedded
application". With 4MB RAM you can get started. Depending on what you
need in the kernel (networking, for instance) this can become a little
bit tight quickly.


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