[U-Boot-Users] 8260 flash programming with BDI2000

Donald White dbwhite at asu.edu
Fri Jan 31 05:59:34 CET 2003

Hi Group,

About a year ago I ported ppcboot 1.0.5 and HHL 2.0 to a custom 860T board.  I used 
a wiggler to support that work and to migrate the ppcboot to U-Boot.

Today I was given a custom 8260 board and a BDI2000 with bdiGDB to use in porting 
U-Boot and HHL 2.0.  I have installed the hardware and can talk to the board.

Now here is my question.  How do I use the BDI2000 to program flash?  Do I just use 
the telnet interface and do:

BDI>erase 0xfe000000 <step> <count>    ;what is step?
BDI>prog 0 u-boot.srec SREC            ;assuming u-boot is based at 0xfe000000

I am having trouble understanding the meaning of the telnet commands.  Should I just 
say I need bdiPro?



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