[U-Boot-Users] 8260 flash programming with BDI2000

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Fri Jan 31 21:10:42 CET 2003

In message <Pine.LNX.4.52.0301310914020.1245 at mag.devdep.sysgo.de> you wrote:
> On Thu, 30 Jan 2003, Donald White wrote:
> > BDI>erase 0xfe000000 <step> <count>    ;what is step?
> > BDI>prog 0 u-boot.srec SREC            ;assuming u-boot is based at 0xfe000000
> Assuming your flash parameters are set up correctly (CHIPTYPE,
> CHIPSIZE, BUSWIDTH), you can just do an "erase 0xfe000000". (I never
> used any parameters for the erase command, but I assume the manual you
> received with the BDI2000 firmware software has some notes on it. :-)

This will just erase the  first  flash  sector  starting  at  address
0xfe000000  -  it  depends  on  the  flash  sector  size  if  this is
sufficient for the U-Boot image or not. With most bottom boot  sector
types  it  will  NOT be sufficient - you will need to know the sector
sizes of the flash chip and erase as many as needed.

For example on the TQM8260 board the following sequence is needed:

	MPC8260>era 0
	Erasing flash at 0x00000000
	Erasing flash passed
	MPC8260>era 0x10000
	Erasing flash at 0x00010000
	Erasing flash passed
	MPC8260>era 0x18000
	Erasing flash at 0x00018000
	Erasing flash passed
	MPC8260>era 0x20000
	Erasing flash at 0x00020000
	Erasing flash passed
	MPC8260>prog 0 /tftpboot/ppcboot.bin bin
	Programming /tftpboot/ppcboot.bin , please wait ....
	Programming flash passed

Note that I usually do NOT initialize the memory controller registers
in the BDI config file, so flash is still addressed using  the  reset
mapping  through  CS0,  i.  e.  it  starts  either  at  0x0000  or at

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