[U-Boot-Users] How can I save zImage & fsimage.tar into Flash memory then boot

Zhao Hongda zhaohd at vis.cs.tsinghua.edu.cn
Tue Jul 1 10:59:37 CEST 2003

Could you tell me which kernel version is used?
I'm try to use mkimage to create a flash-image that can be used by bootm,
but until now I'm failed.
                                                Hongda Zhao
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Subject: [U-Boot-Users] How can I save zImage & fsimage.tar into Flash
memory then boot

> Dear all,
> I am using the Intel DBPXA255 Lubbock board.
> After I download the u-boot.bin via JTAG that using BDI2000.
> It can boot but the Ethernet device(SMSC LAN91C96) is not work. So I
> using serial download(Kermit mode) zImage to the address 0xa0200000.
> loadb 0xa0200000  <-- using HyperTerminal Kermit mode to download
> After that I can using go 0xa0200000 to boot linux kernel, but how can I
> save it to Flash?
> I try cp 0xa0200000 0x00080000 0x000a0578
> After that I reboot the target board and how can I boot the linux
> kernel?
> I use bootm 0x00080000, but it's not work.
> Finally, I wan to save u-boot.bin, zImage and filesystem.tar into Flash
> then boot.
> What should I need to do? Your reply and support will be highly
> appreciated.
> Thank you for your time and attention
> Jacob Chan
> Jacob_chan at so-net.net.tw
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