[U-Boot-Users] mpc8260 eth_loopback_test()

Maynard Cabiente Maynard at raritan.com
Thu Jul 10 22:54:25 CEST 2003


I am currently using u-boot version 0.4.0 for the MPC8260ADS board.  
I am trying to use the additional code in cpu/mpc8260/ether_fcc.c to 
do the ethernet loopback test.   I already added the configuration for 
the MPC8260ADS to connect FCC's tx and rx clocks with the following 

#elif defined(CONFIG_MPC8260ADS)
	 * Attention: this is board-specific (only using FCC2)
	 * - FCC2 Rx-CLK is CLK13
	 * - FCC2 Tx-CLK is CLK14

	/* 28.9 - (3): connect FCC's tx and rx clocks */
	immr->im_cpmux.cmx_uar = 0;
	immr->im_cpmux.cmx_fcr = CMXFCR_RF2CS_CLK13|CMXFCR_TF2CS_CLK14;
#error "eth_loopback_test not supported on your board"

Well, I compiled it and run the test itself by creating a command for it 
(just like ping or mtest) for my own testing and not through "post".  

Here's the questions.  Does the eth_loopback_test() in
needs to have a loopback cable connected to the ethernet port [crossing pin
1 (TX+) 
and pin 3 (RX+) together and cross pin 2 (TX-) and pin 6 (RX-) together]?
Or is 
it supposed to be run connected directly to the network?

I tried both ways and couldn't tell which one is correct or if I need to
something else in the code to make it work properly.  Both have Receive
errors in it. 
(Are we supposed to get RX errors?)

Any help is appreciated.


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