[U-Boot-Users] Patch: Support for Motorola PQ2FADS-ZU board

Yuli Barcohen yuli at arabellasw.com
Thu Jul 24 16:17:01 CEST 2003

>>>>> Rick Bronson writes:

    Rick> Hi Yuli, I have a PQ2FADS-ZU board with a 8270 and am having
    Rick> trouble getting the ethernet working.  I was wondering if you
    Rick> were able to get yours functional.

Yes, I was. My card is connected to LAN and works OK.

    Rick> When I do:

    Rick> tftp 0x0 host/memtest.bin

    Rick> it shows:

    Rick> => tftp 0x0 host/memtest.bin TFTP from server;
    Rick> our IP address is Filename 'host/memtest.bin'.
    Rick> Load address: 0x0 Loading: T T T T ...

    Rick> Everytime the T occurs the collision light comes on on my 10
    Rick> Mbit-only hub.

I haven't got 10Mbit hardware so I can't test in such an environment but
I can think about some possible problems. By default, FCC is configured
for full-duplex operation. Try to configure it for half-duplex by
changing CFG_FCC_PSMR in MPC8260ADS.h. Also check in PHY status
registers (5, 6, and 17) results of auto-negotiation.

    Rick> I commented out the 1st line of:

    Rick> miiphy_write(0, 16, 0x610);
    Rick> miiphy_write(0, PHY_BMCR, PHY_BMCR_AUTON | PHY_BMCR_RST_NEG);

    Rick> because bit 0x400 on register 16 on the Davicom 9161 part
    Rick> doesn't exist but it had no effect.

According to the Data Sheet (p.27) bit 0x400 is 100Base-TX Mode
Control. Bit 0x200 is reserved and it's always 1. Try writing 0x210.

    Rick> One idea I have is that the speed (baud) is wrong but I
    Rick> couldn't find anywhere to set it in the docs.

By default, auto-negotiation is enabled so the PHY must determine
correct speed automatically. If you want to force it to 10Mbit/s
half-duplex mode (it's what your hub supports) just write 0 to register
0 (BMCR).

    Rick> Any ideas/help are greatly appreciated.

Hope this helps,
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