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Mark.Lightfoot at sita.aero Mark.Lightfoot at sita.aero
Tue Jun 10 21:32:25 CEST 2003


I'm attempting to add IDE support to a port of U-Boot to the Motorola
PrPMC800.  I have an IDE controller ( CMD-648 based ) on the PCI bus, which
U-Boot is able to detect and map into the PCI IO bus space.

My  problem at the moment is the configuration of the preprocessor
CFG_ATA_REG_OFFSET when the IDE commands are enabled.  I don't know their
exact purpose or what values to set them too.  I can guess they should in
some way point to the IDE controller on PCI bus but don't know how to go
about it.  I do know from using the "pci" command that U-Boot maps the IDE
controller to the base PCI IO addresses of FE000280, FE000290 and FE0002A0.
I've configured PCI IO space to be FE000000 to FE7FFFFF.

For the moment I've set all the definitions to the value FE000280 to allow
the code to compile without error.  But of course the IDE support does not

#define CFG_IDE_MAXBUS        1
#define CFG_IDE_MAXDEVICE           2
#define CFG_ATA_BASE_ADDR     0xFE000280
#define CFG_ATA_DATA_OFFSET   0xFE000280
#define CFG_ATA_REG_OFFSET    0xFE000280

The above is my current configuration settings.  What should these be? Is
there others I'm missing?


Mark Lightfoot - Software Designer - SITA
777 Walker's Line, Burlington, Ontario, Canada, L7N 2G1
mark.lightfoot at sita.aero

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