[U-Boot-Users] CodeWarrior U-Boot debug

Jerry Van Baren gerald.vanbaren at smiths-aerospace.com
Thu May 1 14:59:26 CEST 2003

Sorry, no direct help on CodeWarrior but... stuck in the FP exception would 
tend to indicate a memory, probably a SDRAM, problem.  This is a classic 
problem: SDRAM appears to work, but is misconfigured and cache burst 
reading doesn't work properly.  This causes a lot of 0xFFs in the 
instruction stream and these map into FP instructions, causing the FP 

Reading and writing RAM using your CodeWarrior is NOT a good test of 
SDRAM.  Most often you need to do a burst read for it to fail.  Burst reads 
occur (at this point in the game) only when doing an instruction fetch with 
the instruction cache enabled.

Try running with instruction cache turned off.  If it runs slowly but 
steady :-), you are in the 99% probability it is a SDRAM initialization issue.


At 02:25 PM 5/1/2003 -0400, RL at prodrive.nl wrote:
>Has anyone of you ever used MetroWerks CodeWarrior to debug U-Boot?
>After I've succesfuly compiled the u-boot ELF and binairy I've programmed my
>flash with the binairy.
>Next, I've made a CodeWarrior project using the ELF file output of the GNU
>I can connect to the PPC and I can view memory, but when I break the running
>process, the cpu is always stuck at address 0x800 (floating point
>Also I cannot view the code in CodeWarrior??
>Can someone help me?
>Thx Roel
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