[U-Boot-Users] linux doesn't boot when CS for initial cache disabled

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Sat May 10 18:53:40 CEST 2003

In message <FIEJJAKAABLMHFKFECNJIEBAGPAA.tschaefer at giga-stream.de> you wrote:
> I want to port u-boot to a custom board based on the walnut board where
> CS0-CS7 are in use by separate chips. I tried to program CS4, which is us> ed
> for temporary stack and data before relocation, with the settings for a c> hip
> after the relocation has been done. u-boot seems to work fine with this
> setting, global data structure and board info structure are located in RA> M
> and contain the correct values. Loading a kernel via tftp works without
> problems. As soon as I'm trying to boot the kernel, the system hangs afte> r
> the kernel has been uncompressed. Trying to debug the kernel boot sequenc> e,
> I found that the function reloc_offset seems to hang in an endless loop.

Where exactly is it hanging, and why?

> My question is: why is that CS for the temporary stack of u-boot importan> t
> for the start sequence of the linux kernel? The Readme says that this sta> ck
> and data area is only used before relocation of u-boot.
> Any comments would be appreciated

Maybe there is a bug in the code? Patches welcome...

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