[U-Boot-Users] IBM 440GP Ebony board: Gigabit ethernet adapter

Mark Rakes mrakes at vivato.net
Tue May 13 23:51:17 CEST 2003

I have a working e1000 driver (via Etherboot via Linux Intel driver)
for ppcboot on PCI (not PCI-X).

I haven't submitted it back to the list as we're still using ppcboot
2.0 and I hadn't taken the time to do the "port" the driver to u-boot

I'll try to do that in today, if I can...

no promises on pci-x, though...

On Tuesday, May 13, 2003, at 02:26  PM, Wolfgang Denk wrote:

> Dear Anupam,
> in message <2692A548B75777458914AC89297DD7DA021CCCC6 at bronze.dolby.net> 
> you wrote:
>> I have the IBM "Ebony' reference board with IBM 440GP processor. I 
>> want
>> to use the Intel 1000/MT Gigabit Server Adapter as a network interface
>> to load the OS image over the network. The adapter is connected to the
>> PCI-X slot. I was wondering if U-boot has support for such an
> No,not yet (AFAIK).
>> arrangement. If not then where can I find more help and if I were to
>> develop the driver for this adapter myself, then how feasible would it
>> be.
> It's a routine job for some of the developers on this list,  and  out
> of  reach  for  others.  Sorry,  but  I  don't  know  your  level  of
> experience.

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