[U-Boot-Users] UBoot hangs in serial_putc on mpc8xx

Christophe.LINDHEIMER at fr.thalesgroup.com Christophe.LINDHEIMER at fr.thalesgroup.com
Fri May 23 10:08:52 CEST 2003

> > it is a custom board with a mpc8xx.
> Then the answer to your question is simple: you made some  errors  in
> your  port  of U-Boot to your hardware. I know, this is just an anwer
> to your question, not a solution to your problem.
> > I think that most of the config is board independant. ( 
> Prog of the BRG,
> > Prog of the CPM ... )
> You are wrong. A LOT of the  configuration  parameters  are  hardware
> specific.
> > U-Boot finds 9600 for the baudrate in the env.
> > So I wonder where board specific items can make it hang.
> Basicly anything. Bad clock configuration for example.

You right. It seems that with new values for clock registers it works much
So it doesn't hang anymore and I reach the getc().
I still don't have anything on my terminal console but the solution can't be
far !


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