[U-Boot-Users] UBoot hangs in serial_putc on mpc8xx

Christophe.LINDHEIMER at fr.thalesgroup.com Christophe.LINDHEIMER at fr.thalesgroup.com
Fri May 23 15:27:31 CEST 2003


In fact it seems that the get_clocks return a freq of 33.6 Mhz whereas it
should be 38.4 Mhz...
So a #define CONFIG_8xx_GCLK_FREQ in the file config for my board works
I have now U-boot writing on the console.

Thanks for help.


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Objet: Re: [U-Boot-Users] UBoot hangs in serial_putc on mpc8xx

The 8xx BRG code is has an interesting side effect if the cpu clock
rate is not properly detected... the divisor will overflow the allowed
bitwidth and an invalid value will get put brgc1

Hardcode CONFIG_8xx_GCLK_FREQ and/or brgc1 in speed.c and serial.c

I am working on putting together a fairly extensive 8xx patch to address
this and many other problems.

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