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In message <LMELLOOANGIAKFIBMEHNKECPCAAA.bwoldert at giga-stream.de> you wrote:
> what are the macros CFG_MONITOR_BASE, CFG_FLASH_BASE and TEXT_BASE ?


> I think, CFG_FLASH_BASE is the lowest address of the flash.
> But what are the other macros?

All this is docuemtned in the README file. You just have to read it.

> My flash memory (8MB) starts at 0xff800000. But the bootloader should
> start at 0xfff80000. Is it possible?

Sure. But where is your reset entry point?

> The bootloader works if I define CFG_FLASH_BASE to 0xfff80000, but I
> need the real start address of the flash memory in the
> board-info-structure.

Again, RTFM.

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