[U-Boot-Users] effort required to port u-boot

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Sat May 24 00:15:14 CEST 2003

Dear Kshitij,

in message <F509E6111989D311B63700805FA761DA06F990AD at dbde01.itg.ti.com> you wrote:
>             Does anyone have an idea of the effort required to port the full
> uboot to a new arm based target??  Please excuse me for the nature of the
> question but if anyone has done it already he can suggest abt how much time
> he took to port the whole u-boot on a new target (just a very rough
> estimate), assuming that the developer has a very good knowledge of the
> target but at a comfort level [medium] on linux..

Looking back at the last 10...20 ports the average effort is  in  the
order  of  8  to  12  days, depending on the complexity of the board,
number and type of  peripherals  to  support,  and  special  features
required. Of course this includes serious testing.

If you know the hardware really  well,  and  there  are  no  hardware
related  problems  to  solve,  and you know U-Boot very well, and you
have access to a BDI200, and you are fluent witn the BDI2000 and GDB,
then you probably can do it faster.

But then please don't be surprised when your  first  port  runs  into
problems after 3 weeks of work, and is still not running after two or
three  months. There is a lot of tinly little details which can cause
serious headaches.

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And please don't post HTML to the list!

Best regards,

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