[U-Boot-Users] PCI support on the PrPMC800

Mark.Lightfoot at sita.aero Mark.Lightfoot at sita.aero
Sat May 24 00:34:09 CEST 2003


My port of U-Boot the to Motorola PrPMC800 continues.  My next task it to
add PCI support.  At this point I don't have a clue what to do!

I've got the function stub, pci_init_board(), being executed but its an
empty function and does nothing.   What should it do?  The board uses a
Motorola Harrier ASIC to bridge the PowerPC bus to PCI so obviously I've
have to configure that.  But is that it.  Does the U-Boot code take over
from there and start scanning and mapping/configuring PCI devices from

Another problem is my lack of knowledge on the finer point of how PCI
works.  Any one recommend a good source of such information?


Mark Lightfoot - Software Designer - SITA
777 Walker's Line, Burlington, Ontario, Canada, L7N 2G1
mark.lightfoot at sita.aero

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