[U-Boot-Users] timers

Gupta, Kshitij kshitij at ti.com
Fri May 30 13:32:25 CEST 2003

   If you don't use the interrupts (i.e #undef CONFIG_USE_IRQ) and the
timers which we have on board downcount timers which generate interrupts
when they reach count of 0,  then is it possible to maintain timers ??  If
the interrupts are disabled then when the timer wraps around (auto reload)
then there is no one to increment the wrap count, thus we loose the time.
The only time I can see this working is when we are sure that we will get a
get_timer() call every time before the timer wraps.
I saw the code for smdk2410(Arm920t based) board and for this board the
interrupts are disabled.  If anyone can please guide me on this problem.

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