[U-Boot-Users] Loading u-boot

Thomas Lange thomas at corelatus.com
Wed Nov 12 19:50:44 CET 2003

U-boot _has_ to be stored at the address specified in TEXT_BASE.
If you set TEXT_BASE to RAM and then try to run it from flash, it will
not work.

_Maybe_ you can set TEXT_BASE to shadow flash ( xBEC00000 ) and launch
it from YAMON. I have not tried this.
Be sure to locate the correct entry point if you want to try this.


Ed Okerson wrote:
> Thanks to some help from Thomas Lange, I think I am about ready to load
> u-boot on my DbAu1500 (Zinfandel) board.  The problem I have now is, how
> exactly does one do that?  The board currently has Yamon in the boot flash
> at 0xbfc00000, and has secondary flash at 0xbec00000.  The s-records in
> u-boot.srec indicate that it wants to load at 0xbfc00000, but that causes
> yamon to overwrite itself and crashes.  I have tried changing TEXT_BASE to
> 0xbec00000, and the s-records then look correct but it still doesn't load.
> I then tried changing TEXT_BASE to 0xa0100000 to get the s-records to load
> to ram, which appeared to work, I then erased the secondary flash
> and copied the ram to flash with:
> YAMON> erase bec00000 100000
> YAMON> copy a0100000 bec00000 100000
> Then flipped the swap flash switch and hit reset, and the system did not
> boot.  Can anyone enlighten me on how to do this?
> Thanks
> Ed Okerson
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