[U-Boot-Users] u-boot and NIOS dk 1s10 board

Scott McNutt ScottM at Orbacom.com
Fri Nov 14 14:48:49 CET 2003

Hi Patrice,

> I'm trying to use u-boot on a altera's stratix 1S10 board....
> I've downloaded the stephan's RPM u-boot port for this
> board...and  downloaded intoo my board...but it doesn't
> work

Please provide more details ... how did you download?
What did you observe?

> has anyone succeded to boot u-boot on this board?

Stephan has indicated that he was successful.

> is the port incorporated in the 1.0.0 u-boot version...I
> just see the cyclone board....

No, currently only the Cyclone development board is
supported. But based on the information I've received, the
Stratix board is very similar ... so adding support should
be fairly straight forward.

> Is anyone try to port µClinux on NIOS ? I'm currently working
> on this point and having a linux bootloader is the first step...

Yes ...you can view the Nios sources for uClinux archive at:

I haven't had a chance to work with uClinux yet ... as I'm
currently working on support for Nios ASMI ... which is only
useful for Cyclone devices. But please do keep me in the loop ...
I'd love to help ... once I find some time :-)


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