[U-Boot-Users] [PATCH] (MIPS) Support for all dbau1x00 boards

Ed Okerson eokerson at texasconnect.net
Fri Nov 14 23:03:05 CET 2003

On Fri, 14 Nov 2003, Thomas Lange wrote:

> Users with dbau1100 and dbau1500 should check that the
> cpu is compatible with au1000.

According to the Au1500 manual, differences between Au1500 and Au1000 are:


The Au1500 processor does not have the following peripherals that are
present on the Au1000 processor:


The Au1500 processor has added these functions not present on the Au1000

  PCI 2.2 compliant interface
  Genereal-purpose I/O (GPIO): 32 total, 22 dedicated. (Au1000 has 32 total, 5 dedicated)

The NIC base address has changed from 0x010500000 to 0x11500000.

Some inputs to the interrupt controller have changed due to the
addion/removal of blocks.  Refer to the interrupt controller section for
the Au1500 processor interrupt map.

A new CCA encoding has been added to the Au1500 processor.  If CCA==4, all
system bus accesses will be cacheline aligned, i.e. no cacheline wrapping
is supported.  When the PCI Cacheable Memory space is used, it must be
mapped to CCA==4.

JTAG memory overlay of the PCI boot memory is not supported.


As soon as my BDI2000 arrives I will begin more thorough testing on the

Ed Okerson

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