[U-Boot-Users] 855T FEC error

Yuli Barcohen yuli at arabellasw.com
Mon Nov 17 18:31:02 CET 2003

>>>>> Eli Brin writes:


    Eli> I don't think its related to this problem, but we cannot save
    Eli> the u-boot environment.  It is saved to the flash at 4000c000
    Eli> but does not appear after reset following printenv.  I didn't
    Eli> have time to look into this issue yes.


It looks like the old problem which appeared first in MPC8xxADS family
port and was discussed on this list in June. It was mentioned again
several days ago and the consensus was that it was solved long time ago
but I had the same problem today on MPC866ADS (and I use the latest
U-Boot sources.) Anyway, look at the CFG_MONITOR_LEN define in your
board configuration file. If it includes the environment (i.e. you're
using "embedded environment") this is most probably the problem. I
changed CFG_MONITOR_LEN on my board so that (CFG_MONITOR_BASE +
CFG_MONITOR_LEN) does not include the environment and the problem

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