[U-Boot-Users] u-boot and NIOS dk 1s10 board

Scott McNutt ScottM at Orbacom.com
Mon Nov 17 19:40:29 CET 2003


> It works now...in fact, my reference design for STRATIX
> configuration was not similar to the IO mapping used by u-boot
> for NIOS... It works with the Altera's "standard 32"  reference
> design (with the .SREC in the CDKNIOS project and after
> u-boot recompilation too).

Great news!

> My student will work on the u-boot APEX port...just an adaptation
> I think...I may be a good idea that the stratix 1S10 board appears
> as its own board and not as a cyclone board in the u-boot distro...

I enthusiastically agree :-) It is not simply a good idea, but IMHO
*essential* that each Nios board have it's own u-boot configuration.
Since *everything* is configurable with Nios, it's very easy to create
a monster by having multiple board configs masquerading as one.

U-Boot for Nios development kits should always support the
default "out-of-the-box" Nios configuration (for the altera boards,
this is typically the "standard 32" config). This is not intended to
limit creativity, but to avoid confusion and save time. Basically,
if new users get u-boot running quickly and easily, maintainers
and contributors will spend less time answering questions. And
this is a good thing for both the user and contributors :-)

In general, support for custom configurations should be:

1. disabled by default,
2. enabled IAW README (i.e. CONFIG_xxx CFG_xxx),
3. supported by an appropriate README file in u-boot/doc.

Congratulations & Best Regards,

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