[U-Boot-Users] u-boot and NIOS dk 1s10 board

Stephan Linz linz at mazet.de
Tue Nov 18 09:27:44 CET 2003

Hi Patric and Scott,

Am Montag, 17. November 2003 19:40 schrieb Scott McNutt:
> Patrice,
> > It works now...in fact, my reference design for STRATIX
> > configuration was not similar to the IO mapping used by u-boot
> > for NIOS... It works with the Altera's "standard 32"  reference
> > design (with the .SREC in the CDKNIOS project and after
> > u-boot recompilation too).
> Great news!


> > My student will work on the u-boot APEX port...just an adaptation
> > I think...I may be a good idea that the stratix 1S10 board appears
> > as its own board and not as a cyclone board in the u-boot distro...
> I enthusiastically agree :-) It is not simply a good idea, but IMHO
> *essential* that each Nios board have it's own u-boot configuration.
> Since *everything* is configurable with Nios, it's very easy to create
> a monster by having multiple board configs masquerading as one.

Yes, of course. We have to make different configuration files -- one for each 
board. But, do we really need different board directories with almost the 
same code in it?

Ex.: My current Stratix patch is based on the Cyclone board, because both 
boards are equal in context of u-boot basics need. Only the second serial i/f 
differs (not needed til now). So there will be more identicalness than 
differences for both boards.

But note: this does not apply to the APEX board. The APEX board has different 
Flash, less SRAM, only SODIMM SDRAM, no second seriel i/f (in standard32 
case), no CF, less LEDs, and ... to many differences and it's right, for APEX 
we should make a new board directory with it code inside.

What's your opinion?

FYIO: I plan to make an hardware overview for all known NIOS devkits by 
Altera (APEX 20k200, Cyclone 1C20, Stratix 1S20 and 1S40).

> U-Boot for Nios development kits should always support the
> default "out-of-the-box" Nios configuration (for the altera boards,
> this is typically the "standard 32" config). This is not intended to
> limit creativity, but to avoid confusion and save time. Basically,
> if new users get u-boot running quickly and easily, maintainers
> and contributors will spend less time answering questions. And
> this is a good thing for both the user and contributors :-)
> In general, support for custom configurations should be:
> 1. disabled by default,
> 2. enabled IAW README (i.e. CONFIG_xxx CFG_xxx),
> 3. supported by an appropriate README file in u-boot/doc.
> Congratulations & Best Regards,
> --Scott
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