[U-Boot-Users] [PATCH] PCMCIA card support for PXA/WEPEP250

Leon KUKOVEC leon.kukovec at ultra.si
Thu Nov 20 13:08:39 CET 2003

Hi everybody,

New Feature:

	* support for PCMCIA card on WEPEP250 board.

	The default configuration of WEPEP250 board does not include PCMCIA
	support. To include PCMCIA and IDE support the WEPEP250 configuration
	has to be adjusted.

Note that I have changed TEXT_ADDRESS for WEPEP250 board to start at
0xA1000000. If my understanding is correct, Linux kernel will use the memory
that was occupied by U-Boot code while running in RAM. Tweaking can be done

In case of any issues, let me know.


Best Regards,
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