[U-Boot-Users] Ethernet on PPC Ebony not working

Srikanth Sherman sri at technovare.com
Thu Nov 20 20:13:19 CET 2003

> > Everything works great except for the Ethernet.  The link light
> > in ON, but I can't seem to ping out (which, after searching the
> > list, it seems at least one other person also couldn't ping) or
> > download any code (TFTP) onto the  board through the Ethernet.
> > I ran Ethereal and didn't even see any ARP packets from the board.
> See doc/README.ebony for switch/jumper settings. The ebony board
> supports various options for the PHY interface. The code uses
> RMII mode (see cpu/ppc4xx/405gp_enet.c) -- search for
> CONFIG_440.

I've upgraded to U-Boot 1.0, as suggested by Wolfgang, and the problem still
happens.  I'm using all the default settings for the switches on the board,
which are almost exactly the same as those mentioned in README.ebony except
for one switch that affects the mapping of ROM/SRAM.

The IBM monitor program also configures the Ethernet to RMII mode.
I'm going to try switching to another mode and see if that makes a
But in the mean time, any help is greatly appreciated!  Thanks.

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