[U-Boot-Users] SII IDE and u-boot on MPC8540?

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Sun Nov 23 22:48:07 CET 2003

Dear John,

in message <Pine.LNX.4.58.0311231418140.13057 at pianoman.cluster.toy> you wrote:
> - has u-boot IDE ever been made to work with MMAP'd registers?

Yes, of course. In the end, all registers are kind of mmaped.

> - how does one put a pci ide card into native pci mode, when the prog-if
>   bits don't appear to be correct?

By implementing special access routines/macros to work around the wrong bits?

> - does anyone have any experience doing something similar, or is everyone
>   just using an isa bridge and legacy ports?

Yes; and no, we use whichever hardware is presented to us by our customers.

> To make matters worse, the card is one of these cheepo software raid
> controllers, so it identifies itself as class-code RAID instead of IDE, so
> I'm not certain if the prog-if bits the ATA spec calls out apply or not
> (prog-if is all 0, which would mean, via the spec, this chip can't do
> pci-native mode, which just doesn't make sense.)

You will need a detailed documentation for the card, or try to find a
working code example (like a Linux driver ?).

> confirmed by the fact the Linux SII driver uses this as its mmio space)),
> but trying several offsets there has led me nowhere.

Well, can you trace what the Linux driver is doing?

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