[U-Boot-Users] SII IDE and u-boot on MPC8540?

John Clemens john at deater.net
Mon Nov 24 00:03:30 CET 2003

On Sun, 23 Nov 2003, Wolfgang Denk wrote:

> > - has u-boot IDE ever been made to work with MMAP'd registers?
> Yes, of course. In the end, all registers are kind of mmaped.

:) true.

> > - how does one put a pci ide card into native pci mode, when the prog-if
> >   bits don't appear to be correct?
> By implementing special access routines/macros to work around the wrong bits?

This is a generic PCI question, not a u-boot one, so I'll stop wasting
everyones time with it in a second, but basically the PCI spec defined the
prog-if bits in the PCI header to allow you to write to them and put the
card into pci-native mode, except this card identifies itself as sub-class
RAID, not sub-class IDE.  sub-class raid devices don't define the prog-if
bits.  as that's the only way to put the card into pci-native mode, and
writes to the prog-if field don't seem to work, i'm confused as to how I'm
supposed to do that.  If someone else knows, i'd be very interested in
finding out.

> > - does anyone have any experience doing something similar, or is everyone
> >   just using an isa bridge and legacy ports?
> Yes; and no, we use whichever hardware is presented to us by our customers.

Understood, and I'm quite willing to do the heavy lifting here, I was just
hoping maybe someone else had been down this road before.  It just seems
that every board i've seen in the u-boot tree that supports IDE either a)
supports ide thorugh a PCMCIA device, or b) supports it through an ISA
bridge (part of a southbridge, for example).  Do you know of any that
don't, and just access the PCI IDE controller directly?

> You will need a detailed documentation for the card, or try to find a
> working code example (like a Linux driver ?).

Yes, I'm ripping apart the linux driver now to see what it does, hopefully
that will tell me everything I need.

thanks for the response, this is the last hurdle I have with u-boot,
evrything else appears to be working great.


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